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The Hydro-seeding process was patented over 50 years ago by the Finn Corporation.

Hydro-seeding is a liquid application. It utilizes a large tank filled with water, seed, starter fertilizer, shredded wood fiber mulch and a tackifier that acts as a glue for bonding to the soil, as well as helping to retain moisture. A powerful paddlewheel mixes up the green slurry and it gets pumped through a hose to a spray nozzle. This mix is then injected into our prepared seedbed, binding it to the soil and holding it in place.

Hydro-seeding can be done at a fraction of the cost of sod, and gives you the choice of the grass seed variety, mixture or blend that is desired. Sunny, Shady, Sun and Shade, Low grow, and Wild flower mixes available. It is often used for erosion control on hills, berms, and other steep areas.

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